Subject: RE: Price Breaks

Hello Todd,

I use arrays in Crystal to split out this type of field. We don't use price breaks, so I can't test this, but I use something similar for breaking out the salespersons on an order. Try this.

stringvar array PriceBreak := Split ({OPrice.DiscountPercents},';' )

Then you can loop through the array until you get to zero.


You wrote:

OK, Next problem. This table stores the discount percents and the
discount price amounts as 0;0;0;0;0. In other words it looks like you
can have up to five breaks per record and they are all stored in the
same field, separated by semi colons. My typical breaks show as
13.38;0;0;0;0 or 5.9;0;0;0;0 for percentages or for dollar amount breaks
they show as 34.56;0;0;0;0. I want my report to list them as 13.38% and
$34.56 respectively. Can anyone offer advice how to "trim" the extra ;0
characters out of the data? I have tried using trim a number of
different ways but the length of the data varies so trim isn't working.
Or I should say I don't know how to make it work.

Todd Hofert
IT Director
Spartan Graphics, Inc.