Subreport Displaying on every page - 9.05.702A

The 'if OnFirstRecord then False else true' worked!!!  I put it in the main report for section Detail C (where the subreport for Subcontract resides).  I may have to modify it a bit if the subcontract details are on line 2 ect, but I'll give this a try for now.  Thank you for your help!!

I am using Crystal Reports 2008 and I have made a copy of the Quote Worksheet Report to added a separate subreport for Subcontract operations like the subreport for Manufacturing Details – Operations.  If I have a quote with 2 or more lines and the first line has subcontract operations in the Mfg Details, then the subreport is duplicating the printing of this information for every quote line, even those that do not have subcontract operations. 




Line 1 includes the subcontract operation:  Op 40 - OS Heat Treat  with qty/parent = 1 and Est Unit Cost of $400.00.


Line 2 does not have any subcontract operations but is printing Op 40 – OS Heat Treat with qty/parent = 1 and Est Unit Cost of $400.00 on the Quote Worksheet Report (Note:  this subcontract operation does not show in Worksheet on the screen, just the printed report).


None of the “non-subcontract” operations are repeated on the printed worksheet for any of the lines, just the new subreport with any Subcontract Operations.  Both subreports are individual Detail sections (a is Assemblies, b is Operations, c is Subcontract, and d is RawMaterials).  The settings for both section b and c are identical (Keep Together and Suppress Blank Section are checked).


What am I missing???  Any help will be great appreciated!!


Bethany Rye
Epicor Business Analyst

PTI Engineered Plastics

My first thought would be to check the subreport links.
That was one of my thoughts too, so I did that.  I am using the same links that are being used for the Operations subreport since the subcontract operations are typically found with the regular operations in the original canned report.  I needed to break them out.  I have the subcontract operations suppressed in the Operations subreport.
>>The settings for both section b and c are identical
>> (Keep Together
>>and Suppress Blank Section are checked).
If the links are OK, I'd look at the Suppress rules for Section/Subreport in the main report
-  and conditional suppress staetments in the subreport

i.e. Some of the operations subreport sections have suppress  formulas
Group Header #1a:.... {QuoteOpr.SubContract}
Group Header #1b:.... {QuoteOpr.SubContract} = no
When I have had to deal with duplication of records in the past due to need to send out subreport data with report data in dataset from Epicor, i have used a first record no-suppression rule e.g.,:

if  OnFirstRecord then False else true