SugPODtl vs PartPlant LeadTime

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Can anyone shed some light on the sugpodtl.leadtime? We’ve been updating partplant.leadtime for 99.9% of our parts, but we are still getting new suggestions with Zero leadtime and these are parts that have a leadtime set at partplant.leadtime.

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Here is the hierarchy that Epicor uses to determine PO Suggestion lead-time:

  • Supplier Price List (if the price list is valid and it’s Lead Time is zero then the suggestion lead time will be zero)
    *Part Class Lead Time
    *Part Plant Lead Time

Thanks for the info Rick. Looking at a particular part and there is no supplier price list. We’ve only bought this once and a qty of 1. The class is set to a lead time of 75 and the part itself also has a leadtime of 75 (partplant.leadtime). This is currently showing as a new po suggestion with a leadtime of 0. Any other possibilities?

Does the PO Suggestion provide the Supplier from the Part Site Primary Supplier?
Is the Consume Min Qty enabled? If so, the PO Suggestion maybe picking up the Urgent Planning Lead Time.

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