Summary Row On Top of Grid?

Is there an easy way to take the summary row from the bottom of a grid and move it to the top? I have a dashboard that I created and it is always quite a ways to the bottom to scroll… It’s been suggested it would be nice if the totals would show on top, instead of the bottom. Anyone have a suggestion? Maybe a workaround?


You can do this in a customization. Use the customization wizard to bind the the Load event of the dashboard:

    private void MainController_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
		// Add Event Handler Code
		EpiUltraGrid eug =  (EpiUltraGrid)csm.GetNativeControlReference("YourEpiGuid");
		eug.DisplayLayout.Override.SummaryDisplayArea = SummaryDisplayAreas.Top;

Get ‘YourEpiGuid’ from the property window of the grid in question.
You will need to add the following using statement:

using Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid;

I’m sorry I let this sit for so long. But it does work like a charm. Thank you!

On a related note: Do you think its possible to grab the summary value for a given column and stick it in a number box on the dashboard? That would make it a little easier, yet. Technically, I want to add the summary of two separate grids together. I’m assuming if I can do one, I can do both…