Supplier Contact Updatable BAQ

I was wondering how everyone handles entering new contact in the supplier master. Our Buyers do not have access to Supplier. We do not want them to change the Supplier record, but they do need a way to add supplier contacts.

I tried creating an updatable BAQ to add supplier/vendor contacts. It is problematic because vendor id and vendor name is mandatory and it updates the record if you enter a variation than what is in the supplier record.

It also requires the user to enter the contact number instead of assigning it, so if you use a contact number already in use, it causes issues.

Does anyone have an updatable BAQ for Supplier Contacts? Or Customer Contacts?

Any ideas? Thanks so much!

I’m about to tackle the same for customers. I’d like to allow our sales team to add contacts to customers and ship tos from the person/contact entry.

My plan is to trace the process from the customer entry form and create a function to perform the same process that I can trigger through BPM. This could work for a UBAQ as well.

Hi De Anna,

I tried the updatable dashboard way for customer contact entry but ran into a brick wall. I ended up using a customization with just some fields enabled on contact entry to ensure non- sales mgmt couldn’t add new customers. Here’s the post about it, in case you want to go route of customization, it might be helpful: