Supplier GL Control

When a Supplier has two GL Controls, in our case sometimes AP1 which is linked to our AP account, and the 2nd GL Control is Supplier. How does Epicor know which one to use. I am going to try to answer my own question:

If there is only one such as AP1, Epicor uses the Part Class to put it into an Inventory account, but if there are two, it would likely go to an expense account.

This GL Control code thing is confusing. Is there a document that explains it?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Randy,

All of the Documents on EpicWeb that contain “Hierarchy” in the title explain which GL Controls are used and in what order if there are more than one. The Cost Accounting guide is good too.

Mark W.

There is a hierarchy…and a document somewhere ? that describes it. To the best of my knowledge though, the order is 1. Supplier 2. Part Class 3. AP Account. This is the expense account in theGL Control code, right?

I have the document and will be posting another question to Mr. Wonsil in a minute.

Hi Mark - thanks for the help. Can you explain why there is no Credit in highlighted #3 in this image?


They are independent of each other. If Epicor finds a GL Control on the Supplier then it is used for whatever happens in the debit. If not it uses the Company Default no matter what is in the debit.

Mark W.

Maybe you want to look at the Purchase Order Receipt if you want to see where the expense side happens.

Mark W.