Supplier is not approved for Part - A weird situation

Recently buyers see this message when they add certain parts into Purchase Order Entry program:

“Supplier is not approved for Part abc…”

I checked the part and it does not have a default supplier, and I cannot find any record in part price list for this part.

However when I query database for Erp.VendPart I see a row for this part with a specific vendor ID. When I open that supplier to check its part price list it is empty!

Does anyone know how to get rid of this annoying message? What is wrong here?

From the Part Entry screen, Actions- Approved Suppliers.

If you have at least one supplier defined, then ANY supplier that you want to purchase this part from needs to be added.

If you have no suppliers defined as approved, then it can be purchase from ANY supplier.


There is no approved supplier from Part maintenance for this part! Could there be any other reason?