Supplier Part Num cross-referenced a Configured Part

I learned something today and thought I would share. When a Supplier Part Num is the same as a configured Part Num, the Configured Part will not work!

I had created a Config Part, ABC, and tested it, it worked great. Put it into PRODUCTION Environment and it was used in 3 Quotes with no issues. Shortly after this, Purchasing ordered Part 1234 from a Supplier and the Supplier calls this part ABC. The Supplier Part Num was filled out in the PO (the previous 2 POs for this part did not have a Supplier Part Ref), I was unaware of any of this. Sales then try to add ABC to an Order Line.

  • A cross-reference window pops up, they choose the configurator
  • They configure the Part per normal but when saved the PartDesc is blank
  • This configurator changes the Part Desc, cost, Qty, and Comments
  • When made into a job there were NO Ops or Mtls

So now I investigate:

  • the cross-reference was new to me so I look that up
  • I then investigate Part 1234 and all its POs which is how I found the Supplier Part ref
  • I contact Purchasing and they say they need to keep the Part Ref

What worked:
-> Duplicated the Config Part and Duplicated Configurator with a new name ABC-D

What did NOT work:
->Duplicated the Config Part, Configurator outputs ABC Part Num
->Duplicated the Config Part and Duplicated Configurator outputs ABC Part Num
-> No reference to the Supplier Part can be made with the Config