Supplier Price List displaying incorrectly on Laptop

We are running into a display issue after customizing the Supplier Price List. We have added some UD fields and modified the layout, and are not having issues - except for one Laptop…see screen shots attached…we have checked all of the display options on the laptop and can’t see any reason for why we would be seeing an issue…the same user has problems with scroll bars not being visible and having to personalize the layout so that they become visible

Has anyone seen this before? Could it be an Epicor setting? or is it more likely a computer/laptop issue?

Did you try and soft and/or hard delete of the Client cache? You could also check and make sure to remove any personalization the user has and re-create on top of the new customization.

Can you clarify Soft vs hard? I have tried the “settings” “clear Client Cache” option (which i assume is soft)…what would be the hard vs of that?

If you close the Epicor application and delete the folders under c:\programdata\Epicor. The programdata folder is hidden so you typically just type it into file explorer to find it. I would check for the personalization piece as well.

Ok, will give that a try Monday (the laptop has left the building for the weekend!)

Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated!