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I have a part with a method created that has material, operations and Subcontract Operations. With a recent upgrade to the 10.2.500 version we are now getting errors when we get the details into a job but no error when getting the details into a quote. It turns out that if a method has one or more subcontract operations and it has a part that is not in the part master file but is a part on the fly it will error out.

Support is arguing with me telling me this is by design. I just can’t accept this answer and wonder how other users go about escalating something like this? I can’t see how any reasonable person can say that an unhandled exception error is by design.

Do you know if it has been fixed in 10.2.600?

Submit a bug about the “designed functionality” (i.e. creating an erro), not working in quote.

Reminds me of this exchange between an airforce pilot and aircraft maintenance, on a report log.

Pilot: “Engine #3 is leaking oil”

Maintenance: “Leaking oil is expected.”

Pilot: “Engines #1, #2, & #4, are not leaking oil … as expected.”

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Hi, which part, is the part on the fly, the part you are making or one of the raw materials?