Hi Joe,

Have you been able to expedite the case regarding our serial number
debacle? It has been a month and still no fix. The extremely
frustrating piece of this is development broke it and the ironic thing
is I just received an invoice for my maintenance and in order to receive
world class support I need to pay more. I thought being in the service
industry quality and maintenance should be a given and not have the
burden put upon your customers.

Allan S. Zuleger CMA, CFM, CPIM


Marvel Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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Today, the entire support team will be in a divisional meeting from 9:00 to
11:00 am CST time.
Please leave a voicemail on the 800 number or submit an incident via the
website and we will respond as soon as the meeting is over.


Tim Ligas
Vantage Application Support Manager