Suppressing a message box upon marking pack as "Shipped"

Hi all,
Some of our users in the shipping area have been complaining about a message box that appears during their CustShipEntry process.
When the users mark a pack as “Closed”, they get a message box that says “Packing slip has been printed.” That is fine–they expect it, as it always happened at this point during Epicor 9 as well.
However, when the users mark a pack as “Shipped”, they get that exact same message box again. This never happened back in Epicor 9. Is there any way to suppress this message box from popping up? It seems like it shouldn’t be popping up anyway, given the packing slip has already been printed by this time…

Perhaps you have a customization using auto-print on change of packer status.

Because the order things happen for us (in 10.1.400.23)

  1. Create customer shipment entry packer
  2. Save. (Packer is still “OPEN” at this point)
  3. Select print
  4. Print Packer form appears
  5. Packer printed (or even just previewed)
  6. Close the Print Packer form
  7. Dialog appears:
    Answering Yes, will then change the packer’s status to SHIPPED.

We did have one user that would never see the dialog asking if it was shipped (#7 above). I had to delete a personalization and then it started showing again. So maybe there is a way to suppress that dialog.

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