Suspend Rollups on Job

I am trying to find some good documentation on Suspend Rollup on jobs. Help doesn’t really help and I was trying to find it on the Application User Guide but not sure what section it would be in. Can anyone tell me where to find info about this or know anything about it.

We had some jobs that had it marked and we don’t usually use it so wasn’t sure if accidentally checked or if a company config change could not flag this on jobs.

thanks Kim

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Has there been any response to this question? Suspend Rollups on a job showed up on a job and we don’t know how or why it did.

Had my first ever report of this same thing this AM. Based on my research, a User has to turn this on and manually process the suspended rolls after changes are made. For instance,

Job Entry, Actions, Job, Suspend Cost and Quantity Rollups.
Select this command to suspend cost and quantity rollups on a job. You suspend cost and quantity rollups on a job to improve the transaction processing time to the Server and back to the Client when you modify the job’s method of manufacture.

And subsequently,

Job Entry, Actions, Job, Process Suspended Rollups.
Suspend Cost and Quantity Rollups cannot be selected on Jobs that are Engineered. You have to first un-engineer the job before you can select Suspend Cost and Quantity Rollups.

The Help explains various situations where interaction with the Job that is suspended leads to error message being displayed, similar to,

Suspended Rollups must be processed before Job can be changed to {new status}.

So, ultimately, it is a User enabled function and my guess is, that is exactly what has happened. Someone was trying something new. In our environment, I do not see anything in Audit and Change Log that indicates these changes, but I suspect it could be implemented in some way, if it continued to be a problem.