Sync Dataset becomes inactive?

Not sure if I’ve noticed this before, but does the Sync Dataset in Report Style become inactive if you try and alter the default style?

What happened in this case was that I took the Inventory Usage Report and created an alternate Data Definition so that I could bring in the Part Class ID into the report. I then created an alternate Report Style with a slightly modified version of the SSRS file, and it worked fine. Then I was asked if I could make this assign this new version to the default style, and I’m seeing it may not be possible since the sync button is suddenly disabled.

Is this normal, is the “Standard - SSRS” style meant to be left unaltered?

Matthew Morgan

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t do SSRS so I don’t have direct experience, but I’m close enough to people who do to know that that button is pure evil and can mess things up in a bad way. Everyone says to not use that button.

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As a Best practice - the Default style should NEVER be modified. Epicor allows us to change the dataset but please do not do that. For yourself and Epicor Support it is important to have a baseline that we know works.

Always - Always - Always make a copy of the default and then make changes to the copy.

Brandon is correct that the Sync Dataset button should scare the stuffing out of you. I have found that for BAQ reports (that do not have modifed SSRS Select statements or calculated fields) the button usually works well.

For anything else - it probably is not fair to say Never use it. I will say make sure you have a backup of the main report and all subreports before trying the Sync Dataset.


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