Sync Dataset for BAQ Reports

I usually tell people to avoid pressing the Synch Dataset button on a report style, as it usually ends badly. Very badly.

But the “bad” things that happen tend to be the re-arranging of the datasource for RDD based reports.

Anyone ever run into anything bad when Syncing a report for a BAQ Report?

Or should I continue to update the RDL’s query expressions and adding fields manually?
(which is prone to errors)

If I did not go to the RDL of the BAQRpt and add changes, or calculated fields - this is a case where I do use the Sync Dataset button. If I made changes, then it would overwrite them usually I think.

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I was thinking about using it for when I’ve added fields to the BAQ, that I want in the report. So yeah, I have to touche the RDL anyway, but thought I could save the manually editing of the query, and adding the fields.


Since a BAQ Report usually doesn’t have tons of unwanted data, why not set the query expression to

="SELECT * FROM dbo.[BAQReportResult_" + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + "]"

instead of listing every column (or a vast majority of them).

Also, Also …

When people manually update the Query expression on the BAQReportResult dataset - for added fields to the BAQ - do they also update the RptLabels dataset too? I never have.

I do use Sync usually in a BAQRpt. I do update the RptLabels since I do use the RptLabels for my headings and not hard-coded literals, since we do translate our strings to other languages. But prior to being multi-lingual, I never bothered.


Are the fields/query supposed to automatically update when you sync data set on a BAQ report? Or did I dream that?

My understanding (which could be wrong), is that the Sync Dataset function on a Report style should update the RDL to match the data available in the dataset.

If you had the RDL open in Report builder when the sync occured, you wouldn’t see it until the next time you opened the RDL (and didn’t save the one you had open in Report builder, over top of the updated on on the server).

If you edit RDL’s by downloading them to your workstation and editing a local copy, you’d need to do that download again. Otherwise you’d be working on a pre-synced copy.

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That’s what I thought too, but my new fields that I added to the BAQ aren’t showing up in the RDL after the sync. I could’ve sworn I had done this successfully in the past, not sure what I’m doing wrong this time.

YEah … I just tried the following:

  1. Duplicated a Report Style of a simple BAQ Report
  2. Added a column to the BAQ used by that Report Style
  3. Synced that report style (the copy I had made).

The result was that the RDL on the server (for this new style), never changed. The “Last Modified …” date and time on the server remained unchanged too.


I did a search on the SSRS server for the report and see one that was recently updated. I opened that one with report builder and see my added column!

It turns out that the RDL used by the original Report style (#1) was updated. Event though I was clearly on the newly created style (#1001) when I clicked that dastardly Sync button!

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Wow, great catch. My Standard - SSRS style did get the updates, not the styles I had selected though. I was able to just add the baq fields to the styles that weren’t updated. Thanks for confirming my sanity!

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