Syncing Dataset on old BAQ Report RDL causes Tablixs to duplicate


I have an old BAQ Report that needs to be updated. I added a field to the BAQ display fields, and to get it on the RDL, I synced the DataSet.

Before syncing, the RDL Datasets only contained ‘BAQReportResults’ and now contains these three Datasets: ‘BAQReportResult,’ ‘RptLabels,’ and ‘BAQReportParameter.’

Without changing anything on the actual RDL, the three “Tablix” on the report now all duplicate twice. Only after syncing the dataset.

The BAQ results did not change. No changes were made to the RDL file. There was only a sync of the dataset.

Any ideas why these Tablixs would start duplicating after a data sync? The Dataset Name property of each tablex is ‘BAQReportResult’ so it should only be displaying one time, no? It seems like it is displaying three times now because there are three datasets on the report?

I tried deleting the extra datasets and only kept ‘BAQReportResult’ but the tablixs still duplicate. So the datasets do not seem to be causing this.


We have a few posts that explain the Sync Dataset button will only ruin your report and send you into a downward spiral wondering how a button which is supposed to help can do so much damage!

Best advice is to avoid that button and edit the dataset in the SSRS report manually.

I have seen those posts and have had issues with it in the past, but I was just working on a BAQ report last week and Syncing the Dataset worked just fine. I thought maybe BAQ reports were immune! I guess that is not the case. I was thinking maybe there was some tablix property that I was missing or something like that.

Well, thanks for the response! I’ll go about editing the dataset manually and see how it goes.

Thanks for suggesting going the manual route because I wasn’t even thinking about looking at the dataset expression. It ended up being that the Query expression for the BAQReportResult dataset had a ‘TOP 1’ clause and syncing the dataset removed that clause from the expression. I was able to sync the dataset and then add that clause back to the expression and the Tablixs stopped “duplicating.”