SysRowID and SysRevID value generation question

I am wanting to make a sales order entry from an external program.
I can add to the tables needed, but no SysRowID and SysRevID values are generated.
How is this value generated and inserted into record?
Or what other part of code am I needing to focus on?

Whatever language you are writing in should have a GUID generation function.
something like Guid.NewGuid(). For SysRevID I look at an added record and use the one Epicor writes.

I appreciate that answer!

Is the SysRowID associated with anything in particular?
When I look at existing values, the value is not incremented by anything I can see.
So is it just a random string?
Or is something else affecting the value?

Please do not EVER add to the Order (or any table) directly that’s what the business objects and REST interfaces are for.
You are voiding your support contract and risking your data if you do this.
Use the BO’s the web services and or the rest services.

If you are doing this correctly those values are automatically generated for you.


Good point, there is a lot happening behind the scenes that needs to be done, but in 9 the options are more limited and not as friendly as REST.