System RDD messed up?

For some reason our Resource Group Efficiency report is showing some resources twice (as seen in the image below), and sometimes 3 or 4 times. It does not do this for every resource, which I find very odd.

The RDD, RDL, and Report Style are all stock/system ones. But, it even happens if I run a custom report. It also happens with CSV, Excel, PDF, etc.

I am completely stumped. Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: I just noticed that I also had this question back in Feb of '19 too. Here is a link to that question (unanswered).

@jhecker We don’t use this report, but it appears to work in 11. In 10.2.400 and 11.1 I ran the same date range and resource groups since I just did my initial conversion. 11 looked correct with the four resource groups I picked 10.2.400 only showed two of the four.

It works in 10.1.600 as well. It has for years. But apparently in Feb '19 I had an issue like this, and again today.
But what really makes me question my sanity is the fact that it is now working normally. I made absolutely NO changes to anything. I just re-ran the report (for the 400th time today), and it was normal. Just like that.
I assume that is what happened back in '19 as well, because I can’t find any e-mails that mentioned this issue, meaning I didn’t e-mail myself notes on how I fixed it (I always e-mail myself anything I have done to fix an issue in Epicor…comes in handy ‘for future reference’). It must have ‘fixed itself’ back then, which is why I never sent an e-mail.

@jhecker That is fun. Is it possible with the date range that an edit to a T&E entry was fixed or approved? If the report didn’t change then it has to be related to data.