Tab Order for Job Receipt to Inventory

I’m trying to change the tab order for Job Receipt to Inventory so that our warehouse guys can navigate it just by using a barcode scanner (besides saving the record). I went in to the personalization options and changed the tab order as follows:

  • Part button (originally tab 2 → tab 200)
  • Part field (originally tab 3 → tab 300)
  • Quantity field (originally tab 18 → tab 2)
  • Bin field (originally tab 5 → tab 3)

However, when testing, I found that even though Bin was set to tab order 3, tabbing would cycle through all the other fields in the top group and then cycle through the bottom group. How can I make it so that the tab order doesn’t separate by group (if that makes sense?)?

Try setting the TabStop to false for all the other fields.

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I literally just did that! It does work. Thank you!

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