Table CurrExChain


We have a recurring problem in DRM Proccessing where a DMR will not open. It just throws an error saying to review the server logs.
It’s a known issue and Epicor has quick turn around time for the fix but the fix is specific to just on DMR number so I have to request on each time.

I asked what the issue was and I guess there is a record that does not get created in the table CurrExChain. I was trying to dig into this further. The table is listed in the Data Dictionary but I cannot create a BAQ against it.

Is anyone else familiar with this table? Is there some way to access it via a BAQ?

Hi Joe,

Trust you are well.

I don’t have access to E9 but E10 gives access to that table in the BAQ. It seems they have fixed this issue in E10;


Thank you Vishal.

I hope everything is going well with you!

Everything is well Joe. Trust you are good too :slight_smile: