Take access DB to Epicor Dashboard

So looking for suggestions on how to handle this from access to an Epicor Dashboard or UD customization. This is the end results. All of the data comes from epicor via odbc connections (UGH). we looking to have this in a location further away from the database bascally not in the same network as the sql database. over a site to site vpn connection. Just trying to look at that information.

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REST and Functions are your friend here.


I’ll second what jose said and add that if you’re on 10.2.700 already, think future proof. I’m facing over 1000 non-kinetic Things.

I haven’t even looked at kinetic dashboards yet but I assume they exist in 10.2.700?

Also, functions are awesome


Okay that makes sense all of the data is already in E10. So i can create the BAQ and call the functions /REST calls in a blank dashboard and run it that way?

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I might recommend whipping up a web app that makes the calls. This will make it more performant over long distances and will work when Kinetic is fully web-based.

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Technically yes but they do not work well in my experience so far.

I tried one or maybe two, and the grid doesn’t scroll. If I have 1,000 records, and let’s say the first 30 are visible (before trying to scroll), when I go to scroll, it goes down to like record 60 and then jumps back to 31. It’s really buggy. (Approximate numbers there.)

I’m really disappointed because I wanted to start making things in Kinetic now (we are on 10.2.700) and then be ready to go for E11/K21. But not so much.

Keep Dashboarding, Rabbit!

Sorry, it’s Friday…

That’s actually very interesting, and you’re the low-code/no-code guy as it is. I’d be really interested to see what you’ve done, especially if it can help the OP and doesn’t detract too much from his original post. I’m definitely warming up to the low code objects.

Mark, I want to learn how to “whip up a web app.”

Is it like whipping up some mashed potatoes?

Would love any links to an “easy” recipe.

I am jealous of everyone on here who has learned how to do it.

Here’s a JavaScript example I stole from Stack overflow.

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

function send()

    URL = "https://epicorappsvr.company.com/  //Your URL

    var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
    xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = callbackFunction(xmlhttp);
    xmlhttp.open("POST", URL, false);
    xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");
    xmlhttp.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Basic ' + window.btoa('apiusername:apiuserpassword')); 

// In prod, you should encrypt user name and password and provide encrypted keys here instead 

    xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = callbackFunction(xmlhttp);
    document.getElementById("div").innerHTML = xmlhttp.statusText + ":" + xmlhttp.status + "<BR><textarea rows='100' cols='100'>" + xmlhttp.responseText + "</textarea>";

function callbackFunction(xmlhttp) 

<body id='bod'><button type="submit" onclick="javascript:send()">call</button>
<div id='div'>


The page has a single button on it. When clicked, it calls the send() function. The result of the function (status information and the response text as a textarea) is inserted into the DIV element in the body of the page.

document.getElementById("div").innerHTML = xmlhttp.statusText + ":" + xmlhttp.status + "<BR><textarea rows='100' cols='100'>" + xmlhttp.responseText + "</textarea>";

You just have to play with the header settings and the url but you can do that first in Postman and then transfer the same settings to the JavaScript.

This isn’t runnable but it should give you an idea. If I have time later, maybe I can work up something.

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In Epicor’s built-in help, there’s also the “Workshop - Create a Web App with REST”, which provides a sample web app and walkthrough of working with it.

It’s pretty decent; goes through testing in Postman then moving the query over to the web app. You can also access the instructions through the REST guide on EpicWeb, though the webapp download link isn’t in the pdf version.


@Mark_Wonsil @bsiller thank you both for these resources.

I know I can google it too. I’m just busy trying to learn about Azure ML/AI at the moment.

But learning how to make a webapp would be great. I feel like it’s a giant undertaking though having to deal with security of it and authorization and all that is it not?