Task Agent Stuck

we are with Kinetic in the cloud,

We have to ask epicare to restart the task agent up to 5 times per day as we can not print and everything stuck ?

any idea about that issue as epicare team doesnt really help about it.


Do you know how to run functions in Swagger?

I’d like to see your web.config file.

What version are you on?

Do you know how to run functions in Swagger? No

I’d like to see your web.config file. we user the app client

What version are you on? 2023.1.10

Can CDC be the source of that issue ?

That’s irrelevant.

Do you know how to use the Epicor Functions designer?

Unfortunatly, now

iam really new in Epicor

I’m seeing this for a Cloud UK customer too - I’ve had to raise tickets twice since 2023.2 upgrade, did it again today.

I also asked support to explain any underlying cause for it, but the case was set to resolved with a note to say raise another case if it happens again…!

@klincecum what testing were you going to suggest?

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The reason I was wanting to see if Epicor had turned on compression.

This is the same behavior seen when it was turned on and the task agent was not updated to specifically support it.

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I think y’all need to share ticket numbers and reference them in each other’s cases.

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We had this happening to us repeatedly back on 2022. Support would never give us a straight answer, they’d just restart the service. After enough complaining, they finally figured out that the culprit was a scheduled ECC task that was running every 1 minute. They recommended we change it to every 5 minutes and since then, we’ve only had a few spot outages.

Not sure if you’re using ECC, but maybe have a look at the agent and if there are any schedules that run more often than every 5 minutes, maybe bump it up and see if that helps? Good luck!

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Possibly relevant threads:

That could be the issue have your SaaS support check your Task Agent DLL Version it needs to be

>= 4.2.400.3

There’s been a couple of instances where they accidentally installed an earlier version. But if you open a ticket the cloud team should be aware of this issue and they should be able to fix it (if that’s what it is)


I’ve asked them to check. Probably nothing in the logs visible client side to indicate Task Agent version?



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Would be kinda cool if version was added to the Ice.BO.SysAgentSvc endpoint. :person_shrugging:

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I wouldnt mind if all the endpoints worked.

As far as I can tell neither of these work: