TaxRegionCode v. TaxExempt?

I’m trying understand TaxRegionCode and TaxExempt. We are having some inconsistencies on certain reports that are based on TaxRegionCode v. those based on TaxExempt. The issue is due to certain invoices not having the TaxExempt populated properly.


  1. TaxRegionCode & TaxExempt are both at the customer level. Why are they here? (they don’t auto populate when we create new ShipTos)

  2. When an order is created with a new ShipTo, our accountant is notified. She then updates this ShipTo with the correct TaxRegionCode and TaxExempt. Also, she updates the Order Header by assigning a TaxRegionCode. Problem: There is no place in the Header to also update TaxExempt. Why?

  3. We are generally confused why we would use TaxExempt over TaxRegionCode. It is just a text field for “YES”. How/why should we use this field?

Thank you.