Temp Table visibilty

I got asked the question why “Fom System” was appearing in the picklist crystal report.

Looking at it, it seemed like a bin location but not one we would use.
The table it seems to point to is JobBin which is not a database table, its seems to be a temp table.

I want to explore more about why this text is appearing and was going to export the JobBin table into excel but can’t access it as its temp.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

That is a temp table that created by the functionality of the RDD. It will only exist in the report DB (for SSRS,), or in the XML file (for CR).

Others on here have the tools to look inside some of the behind the scenes functionality of Epicor’s, DLL’s. Maybe one of them can give you the logic of how that temp table is populated.

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