Template for Sales Order/Quotes

We are looking for a way to automate (make it quicker!!) our Sales Order entry process ... It is a rather lengthy process to add all lines on our Sales Orders with all information behind ... since we can have a Sales Order with 15 - 20 lines.

I currently see 3 options:

1) Develop Sales Order Template (similar to Quote Template)

2) Have a Sales Order Copy function (similar to what you can do for a Purchase Order) ... copy over and change header & detail.

3) Modify the Quote "Roll-over" process to enable us to assign our own Sale Order Number.

I know that a quote will automatically roll over into a Sales Order .... but the system assigns the Sales Order Number. We however, assign our own Sales Order number due to business reasons ... (won't go into those) but Quote roll-over function does not quite work for us as is.

Has anyone done anything like this?

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