Terminal Server 2000

A couple of questions, am I assuming correctly that these messages are
appearing on your workstation and not the server itself.
Is there any other programs running that might be using that network port.

It almost looks like something has blocked your network port.

Shirley H. Graver
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We are having problems with our terminal server installation. We are
accessing the Vantage server (NT4) via terminal services on a Win 2000
Server. For no apparent reason, we have tried to find some ryhme or reason,
but all of a sudden we get a flood of the below error messages in the event
viewer (100's of them all at the same time). When this happens we cannot
access Vantage via terminal services, but can through a straight connection
through the regular desktop.

1) errno=22 reading promsgs file, it may have been deleted
2) unable to format message xxxx (numerous different numbers)

This repeats over and over.

Any ideas? We have several other T/S installations, all set-up the same
without this problem. Any ideas?

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