Terminal Server- Session Errors

I have been experiencing intermittent error messages when remote clients
attempt to log into Vantage through a Terminal Server session.

I receive the following sequential errors.

(1) Error occurred while creating CONTROL-FRAME: SPLITTER 1. Error
performing inpage operation. Error code: 0x80004005 (5898)
(2) **Unable to realize CONTROL-FRAME widget. (4025)
(3) Unknown error code 1 for attribute NAME on the CONTROL-FRAME widget.
(4) Unable to set attribute NAME in widget of type CONTROL-FRAME. (3131)

I have been unable to establish any pattern as to when or why they occur,
with the occurrences happening at any one of our three remote sites. User
Jane Doe may login successfully six times and on the seventh receive the
error messages. It appears as though to clear it's self over time, for no
apparent reason, unfortunately time is never on my side.

I have tried clearing the temporary vtgwork folder which appears to be
successful at times however it my be attributable to the time issue again.
Rebooting the server(s) has been a temporary solution however this is an
unfriendly extreme measure to take each time the problem occurs.

Terminal Server is running on Windows 2000 Server and has been since we
first connected the remote sites. We are still currently on version 3.00,

I would appreciate any insights into this problem. Thanks in advance.

Randy Vander Galien
IS Manager
Wisconsin EPS