The moving sheet?

I used Sheet Wizard to add a new sheet to Supplier named Approvals. The tab functions as it should except for that it won’t maintain its location. I move it to the left and save it. All looks good:

But then when I re-launch the form it goes back to the right:

Why does it keep moving back and how do I get it to save its location? Is that just not possible to do? (Epicor tabs must always come first?)

launching in developer mode
change the layout
Click on tools and Save layout
Click on tools customizations
Save the customization


That worked with a few extra steps added in:

  • Launch in developer mode
  • Go to Tools → Customization
  • Change the layout
  • Exit Customization
  • Click on Tools → Save layout
  • Go to Tools → Customization
  • Save the customization

Definitely a little convoluted but it works!