The WeWork story 😱

Not sure if you guys are keeping up with the WeWork IPO debacle but it is insane how it went from 46B to 8B, to an ousted founder/CEO and if this doesn’t say bubble to you… I’m not sure what will

This dude trademarked his own company name (personally) and then made that company pay him 6 million dollars to use the name (investor funded)… (that’s just one of the things he has done over there… fracking insane)


You know how to make a small fortune , don’t you? … You start with a big one.

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I remember the dot com bubble. So many companies had business models that didn’t make money. And I don’t mean not making money yet … They had business plans that had no path to becoming profitable. Yet they were highly valued

BTW - Elizabeth Holmes (of Theranos) gives him a run for the money.

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Sorta sounds like a SEC ethics violation

Not publicly traded.

That SoftBank is getting a whole lot softer…


Whenever I see these I have ptsd from the three that bombed under me. The 90s were not kind