The work results of DMT do not appear in Epicor

Hello everyone!

DMT function for “Inventory Transfer” operation is not working well.
The work went well in DMT. However, the work results of DMT do not appear in Epicor. (Transaction does not work.)
We tested it in the Pilot and had no problems in the Pilot. It doesn’t work only on Live.
I’d appreciate it if you could let me know what the problem is.

Are you sure you are connected to the live instance in DMT?

Yes, that’s right.
The other Menu works well. For example, “Adjustment” Menu appears well in Epicor ERP.
Only “Inventory transfer” doesn’t work well.

I think Doug is asking if after you tested in Pilot, when you went to test in Live, did you pull up the DMT link for Live? Or did you run it accidentally in Pilot again? Each environment has its own DMT. Make sure you’re opening Production’s DMT. Double-check that Connection URL.