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Good morning all,

I created copies of 4 of the existing themes and changed the border on our Plant2 so that users will know which plant menu they are in. MfgSys or Plant2.
I then instructed our users to go into Preferences and select which theme they prefer and I set one of the themes to our default.
I have one user who would rather have just the Epicor default so she goes into Preferences > theming tab > selects “Inspired” hits ok. Exits Epicor and goes back in but it never saves, her theme preference returns to blank with no selection.
What could I be missing?

First off, how do you specify theme elements to be plant specific?

Does that user have “Allow Personalization” enabled on the user account?

Check Save Changes on Exit option.

Yes she does. I checked that first.

That is checked as well.

If the user selects Styling-> Load Style Theme, do they see the ISL files in the Open dialog window?

Those files are in the Client directory on the local machine. These aren’t necessarily the ones listed in Theme Maintenance.

Make sure the theme the user is selecting is marked “Distributable” in Theme Maintenance:


She is accessing from preferences … she makes a selection and hits OK


Do any of the Theme’s “stick” ?

No … they don’t.

I am going to remote into her desktop to see what’s going on.

I checked in her Epicor client folder and the themes I created are not in there but there are others which she could choose, but none of them stick. When she reopens her session the theme selected is gone and the text box is blank.
She also noticed that now when she goes into Invoice Entry the Group she created is automatically coming up and she doesn’t have to click the search button to find her group. This just started yesterday.

As for the Invoice group auto loading, check the Options on that form. Specifically the “As Form Opens” section. With the following setup on mine, the first Group found is automatically loaded.


Changing that to “No Action” makes it so that no record is auto loaded.

I might have steered you wrong on the Themes. I don’t think the Client program has to have the ISL file local on their machine. They just get copied there during the Client install. So if one was added to the server later, it wouldn’t be on the client, but would be available to the client. I think the details of a theme are stored in the DB. The ISL files are just an “exported” copy that you could then modify and re-import (via Theme Maintenance).

One more thing to check on that user … Open the configsys file that is used by the client, with the ConfigEditor program. Check the Style setting:

Setting that to None makes the Theme selected in the Preferences ignored. (but my selected theme does still show in preferences, it’s just not applied). Setting that to <blank> does the same

Setting that to NightWing (manually typed in) makes the Theme selected in the Preferences ignored. (but my selected theme does still show in preferences, it’s just not applied).

Probably best if this is set to Default

The Auto Populate Data was the culprit … she must have inadvertently checked the box when when she changed some Control Indicator colors.
As far as the Themes default, I went into the Config Editor and it was set to default. So then I went to my desktop and logged in as her and went into preferences and set the Theme and it stuck. Went to her desktop and logged in an her and it was still there.
Could it be a Windows thing?
Anyway, she is happy she can have her own theme, but still puzzled as to why this would occur.
Thank you Calvin for your help.


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