Time and Expense Approval for workers with only MES access

Is there anyone using Time and Expense Approval workflows where Employee needs to approve time but only has access to MES? Our production workers clock in/out of Jobs via MES but do not have access to Time and Expense. We are looking at expanding our use of T&E to include Approvals and are interested in how others might do this - do we have to give the Employee access to T & E and if so can it be limited?

Also interested in how others might be entering vacation and PTO time entries.

It is possible to setup the system to Auto-Approve on submit. Otherwise, an Updatable Dashboard may be able to do this.

Key objectives we are trying to solve along with Approval is adding Vacation, Holiday, PTO, etc to the labor time that is submitted from MES. Our current process requires…

  1. Printing a Custom BAQ Labor Report weekly and having each hourly employee verify hours, update with any Vacation, PTO, Holiday, etc. and sign.
  2. Supervisor reviews report updates and approves/signs.
  3. Payroll team then enters updates from printed/updated Labor Report into Time & Expense.