Time and Expense Complete Boxes

Typically, in Time and Expense Entry, when a user checks the “Complete” box, it automatically marks the “Op Complete” box along with it.
This has stopped happening for a few users and I cannot figure out why.
Has anyone seen this?

So, I identified a BPM that seems to be the issue.
The BPM changes the labor type to “Project” for certain employees by default.
Why would this cause the complete checkboxes to not sync?

You know–I always struggle with something for a lengthy period of time and the moment I ask about it, I figure it out.

I was setting these two fields:
LaborDtl.LaborType = “J” (J being project)
LaborDtl.LaborTypePsuedo = “J”

Upon doing a trace of changing the labor type of Production to Project, it changes the fields as follows:
LaborDtl.LaborType = “P”
LaborDtl.LaborTypePseudo = “J”

Any idea why labor type needs to remain as production, but the pseudo needs to change to unlock the project fields?

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I know how you feel.

There is only two items to pick from in the MES, production and setup. But the different type of job “Project”, is a job that doesn’t go to any order, it’s considered overhead. So the different types of jobs need separation, hence the psuedo type.

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Interesting–that makes sense.
So, instead of trying to make a separate table, they created the secondary labor type for the few fields that are different between MES and T&E; is that the gist of it?

No, you can work on a production job with T&E, as well as project jobs. Same for MES. I’m pretty sure it has more to do with sorting out costing for the GL. Production jobs get paid for by an order. Project jobs don’t.