Time and Expense entry issues with MES user

Here is my situation - we have warehouse users that primary use Inventory Transfer in MES. On the weekends, they also double to report production qunatity in Time and Expense entry (on a different PC).

The way they do this in T&E is to create a New Time Detail, then report the qty from a job. What we saw happen this weekend is the user created a new time detail, then selected the job. As soon as they entered the production quantity, an error was thrown.

I’ll try to get the full details of the error. “Index -1 is either negative or above rows count”. The icon for the transaction in the tree view showed E.

This happened everytime until we create a New Time. This is something we’ve never had to do. I feel like it is because a time detail is created when the user logs into MES.

Any thoughts on what’s happening and how to remendy it?