Time and Expense Entry (View/Report)

Hi ,

I have few questions for time and expense entry screen.

  1. Does this function has any view (Tracker) option ? like other ie. Job/Item/PO/lot
  2. How can i view Job related operations status after Job completion or Job in WIP.?
  3. Can i attach documents (PDF or Weblink) during positing operations ?


Not exactly but… you can add a “Read Only” menu item

Not sure what you mean by this.

Simple attachments, yes… but not sure what you mean by “posting operations”

Web page not available
Job tracker has all the transactions that are entered in T and E under operations-transactions

Hi Bruce ,
Thank you for reply.
Detail for Point 2 is i have 5 opertions againt job. time and expense entry starter with person and then you select job and related operations.How i will know which operations is/are pending to completed in EPICOR?against any job?

Detail for point 3.
Posting Operations means complete the operations in EPICOR by doing several entries.If answer is yes how can i view that attachement later ( I mean 1 or 2 or 6 months later)?

Hi Vinay,
Thank you for your reply.
Can i see any attchments here which was attached during time and expense entry?
I mean if there is any inspection operations for the job and inspection was carried out by ispector and some report (Pdf/word etc)attached during operations completion a T & E screen?
Or other way how and where can i see all documents attached during time and expense.?


Hi Vipul,

I do not know about the attachments from inspection, but I am able to see attachments from Part Revision in the Job Tracker. You will have to test for your use case.

Vinay Kamboj

Hi Vinay,
Thank you.