Time and Qty

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We need to prevent it being possible to book Quantity Only against operations that are set to be Time and Quantity bookings. Results in jobs being under costed and creates accounting variances and distorts efficiency figures.

Could this be done from “Time and Expense” or MES?

Does anyone have any solutions of this inplace?

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Are your employees using MES to clock in and out of jobs?


You could create a BPM to prevent anyone from clocking out of the job if the time is less than 15 minutes (or some length of time) and the quantity is greater than zero. That way they couldn’t clock in, record quantity, then clock out which would add little to no time.

We are looking at doing something similar for the exact reasons you mention.

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Have you started writing your custom BPM?

Unfortunately, not yet. Have you searched this site? There might be something similar that someone has worked on.