Time Entry Update after month end capture

I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to how I can update an employee’s time entry once the month-end capture has been done. We have an employee that didn’t clock in or out on a day, so we have no time logged for them for that day. Note, this is a non-production employee so they don’t clock jobs.

It’s not possible to update records that have been posted, but if you are creating a new record on a date that was missed, there should be nothing preventing you from entering a time record in Time and Expense Entry. (Unless that financial period has been closed)

Thank you for the confirmation. Our month end was already captured.

There is a difference between capture and closing a period. If the period has not been closed, you can still add the time record.

I was under the impression that once the capture was done, we couldn’t make time entry adjustments.
So, is it just a matter of changing the Earliest Apply Date for Payroll so that the time entry can be added?

You can use the Job Adjustment screen. You can’t enter the exact hours but if hours were missed being added or too many hours were added, you can adjust the total time for the employee on a particular date. Also, if it is a quantity issue, you can fix the quantities there, as well.

Just be careful in using this screen and I would practice in a test database if you haven’t used it before.

Yes, that’s correct. The next WIP capture will pick up the added time entry.

Thank you for the help!

I know this is an older thread but I wanted to add that we had an employee (PM) add labor through Time and Expense into a closed previous month and the system didn’t stop him. In fact he was trying to enter his labor back to April and the only thing that stopped him was our earliest apply date is set to 5/1.
I put a case in with Epicor to see if that should happen and how to prevent it. I’ll report back.

The system won’t automatically stop you from enter labor for a previous period. The only thing you can do is to keep your earliest apply date the date after your last closing period.

Yeah, that was Epicor supports reply as well. We currently set our earliest apply date to the first day of the prior month. If the CFO doesn’t want to move it to the last day of the month then we may try developing a BPM to stop entry into a closed period.

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