Time-out utility

I also customized Mike's Time-out utility on 2 workstations, but I did not
have any printing problems on either workstation afterwards.

Hi all! I just implemented Mike's time-out utility. It works beautifully for everyone!! I've had a few people gripe and groan but they'll get over it! Anyway, I customized the time-out for 2 workstations and only 2. The rest of the company has the default time. Well, these 2 workstations suddenly have a printing problem. They were trying to print a custom report link report and both computers got the error, "specified printer is not installed or specified port is not available". The one computer is using a networked printer, the other computer is using a local printer. After about 15 minutes of trying everything, the networked printer suddenly "kicked" in and allowed it to print. This has not happened to any one else and this is the first time that it happened. The only thing that is similar in the 2 workstations is that I customized the time-out time.

Anyone have any ideas?

Wendy Bowen (Pursche)
Network Administrator
Schmald Tool & Die, Inc.
(810) 743-1600 ext.323

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