Time Phase Inquiry BAQ

I’ve got a version of this working. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in with their tips and background info.

I have run into a peculiar thing, though. When I view Time Phase for a part, I see a list of POs and then along with each PO is a Cancel PO, that effectively undoes all the POs. Those Cancelled POs don’t show up in PartDtl. Any idea where they are coming from?

SugPOChg maybe

Do you want a copy of my RDL that does time phase for specific part numbers?


I’ll take it if no one else would like it. Always love to see other people’s work.

Would love to see this.

If you could add me to the list of recipients as well it would be much appreciated @kylepbsps

Thank You.

Yes please

I would like to see this also, Thank You.

Yes Please. Appreciate the offer.

I used the over partition from this thread to make a time phase for Orders/Jobs and Job Material / POs from the PartDtl table.

I would love to see the RDL that does time phase for specific part numbers. Would greatly appreciate it. I am working on such a project right now.

I got this working, here are some updates/improvements

Add PartDtl.AssemblySeq to the group by
Add PartDtl.Mtl to the group by, sometimes the same part is on the same bom twice

Not sure how it’s sorted because everything I try will not agree with time phase somewhere. So I just do DueDate followed by PartDtl.Requirement Flag to put POs first.

Time phase will not change running total if the job material is purchase direct so my Quantity calc is

when PartDtl.StockTrans=0 then 0
when PartDtl.RequirementFlag=0 then PartDtl.Quantity
else (-1*PartDtl.Quantity)