Time Phase Inquiry

Hello everyone,
I’m seeing some weird data from the Time Phase Inquiry. Please refer to the screenshot below. This suggestion is just to satisfy the safety stock. There is absolutely nothing else like SO, Job, etc.

  1. The PO Suggestion screen shows Order by as August 4th, but the Time Phase Inquiry shows it as a different date.
  2. We set the lead time for this part to 770 days. But in the lower line it shows as 77 days.

Why did these two weird data occur? Am I setting something wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.

If you click in one of the cells with 77, does it remain at 77? In other words, is it a display problem that’s clipping the last digit?

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That doesn’t seem to be the cause. Other examples show the same issue.
But looking at other examples, it seems that this lead time is not the set lead time. This lead time seems to be the lead time between Order by and Due Date. Then my question about this lead time is solved.
However, the question still remains as to why Order by is this date. And why it only appears on the first Suggestion line(The second Suggestion line is blank)

If it’s a purchased part, then Lead Time can also come from the Supplier Price List as each supplier may have a different Lead Time. Also, Supplier Price Lists have effective and obsolescence dates, so Lead Times could vary by date.

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As you said, I looked at the Supplier Price List.
The most recent effective is May 17, 2022 (lead time of 14 days), and the previous effective is July 03, 2019 (lead time of 10 days). In Time Phases, the lead time of the previous effective of 10 days is shown.(Expires didn’t set both)
How can I get it to appear with the latest effective lead time?

Do you have more than one site? Each site can have its own vendor.

Are you using urgent planning/vendor?

Just seems odd you are seeing so much variation in leadtime. The hierarchy, if part LT use that, if vendor price list use that rather than part and finally if supplier part Lt use that (beats all).


If you expire the second one (2019-07-03) does it then show 14?

Also check the “Supplier Parts” tab to see if you have a Lead time defined there.


We use one site, we don’t use urgent planning/vendor.
I set an expiry date on the old Price List, and this issue no longer appears.
However, it is strange why the lead time of the previous price list is imported instead of the lead time of the latest price list.

I expired the second one (2019-07-03) and it showed 14.
Also, lead times are not defined for both (newer and older) in “Supplier Parts” tab. It is only defined in the Details tab.

Ok, so it looks like the system picks the earliest “effective date” that hasn’t expired and uses that Lead time.

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Yes, if so, can I set it to get the latest “effective date” lead time?

You would have to update the expire date on the rest of the entries to make the most recent work.