Time Phase source query

I’m aware that Time Phase is based upon the table PartDtl. People are requesting time phase be embedded in dashboards. Is there a way to find the system query behind it? Or is it forever locked away behind ddl compilation?

Reason I ask is because I’ve re-created it pretty well but adding the running total really drags down performance. What’s the secret sauce?

This thread has some good stuff. It really helped me. I’ve had success recreating some functionality that would effectively check the Time Phase for parts and then summarize the results. For instance, we have a way to predict for a job or production line what material and what day it will run out. Planning reviews this and leverages it to help our suppliers juggle things around (since everyone is behind).

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Thank you it looks like my last version from a year and a half ago was based on that thread but I started over and think I got it working. I’ll contribute over there and thanks again!