Time Zones and application servers

We are in EST using an application in GMT which is EST +5 hours. We have just the one application server and its just been discovered that if we do activities in Epicor beyond 7pm they get posted as the next day. Has anyone else seen this and also been able to resolve?

Our timezone for Canada seems setup fine:

You may have your posting process scheduled for daily at 7pm, hence why it would wait until next day.

Check under System Agent and take a look at your schedules.

Hi Haso

I walked through creating a PO, received and invoiced at 9pm EST and at the very start I could see the dates were the next day. When creating the PO yesterday on the 9th the PO date was the 10th. This followed through the whole process.



What timezone do you have under Company Maintenance Financial transactions would use the Company Timezone, not Site Timezone.

Company Maintenance…

Never even knew that was there! You’re the 6th person to offer input onto this and I think this may have fixed it. I will find out tonight after 7pm EST…

Many thanks Haso.

Yep. Company maintenance time zone fixed it. Thanks again.