I have been following today's discussion concerning the desire to
timeout a user's Vantage session after a predetermined period of
inactivity. To add my $.02, I have been very pleased with Mike Podlin's
CTO (Client TimeOut) Utility. We're currently on 6.0, and prior to his
CTO Utility, my staff and I were receiving 24+ calls a day from
disgruntled users who could not get into Vantage because all licenses
were used up. Since CTO the calls have completely stopped. CTO has
several beneficial features, and to mention a few: You can use a
default timeout period of time and/or each user can be configured to
time out at different intervals. Any user can be set up to run the
License Manager (doesn't require a Vantage license). Instead of using
Promon at the server, you can use the License Mgr. at a client
workstation to monitor and control license usage. We particularly like
the ability to click on a user in the Mgr. list and see how long a
user's session has been inactive. If we really need a license, and we
find a connection that has been inactive for an extended period of time
(but less than the timeout value), we can disconnect the user by using
the Mgr. screen. I can't remember the exact cost of the utility, but
whatever it is, it is well worth it. He's a member of this list, and
you can email him at michael.podlin@....

Bob Walton

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