To join the User Code with Data View to get the “User Code – Description” details

We have added the UD columns (Manufacturer_c, ManufacturerYr_c) on the PartLot_UD table.

UD column (Manufacturer- dropdown) values are populated from the User Codes on the Lot Entry screen.

for ex: UserCode - Manufacturer

ID Description



3 Audi

4 Suzuki

On saving Lot Entry details,

  • Manufacturer - Code Id is stored on the Manufacturer_c column on the PartLot_UD table.
  • Similarly Manufacturer Year - Code Id is stored on the ManufacturerYr_c column on the PartLot_UD table.

Lot Tracker

In the Lot Tracker screen, Manufacturer_C & ManufacturerYr_c column values are displayed on the Lot Tracker - Grid from the PartLot_UD table.

In the Grid, Id values are displayed for UD columns (Manufacturer and Manufacturer Year) instead of Description. But we want to display the corresponding description value from the User Codes.

Can you please suggest how to get the User Code description instead of ID values for Manufacturer and Manufacturer Year UD columns in the Grid view?