To post or not to post isn't the question

What upper management wants to know is performance against budget. We would
like to review this midmonth against our budgeted expenditures. This
includes labor, material purchased for jobs, perishable tooling, office
supplies, software expenses, etc.. Actually, labor and material purchased
against jobs are the least important of these items. They are fixed in the
short term anyway. I do have immediate control over purchases of packaging
materials, perishable tooling, show expenses, office supplies, and all of
the other expenses associated with running a business.

So the question is, "How do I track expenditures against budget at
midmonth?" If this requires posting WIP, I will fall on my sword and find
something else to bother our Controller about. If not, we would appreciate
your input.

Mitchell Kirby
V. P. Manufacturing
Riten Industries, Inc.

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