Tool Tracker with UD110 Form customization help

Im working on a tool tracker that tracks non-PartNum Tools that we buy and are at vendors (ie. Dies, jigs, etc). We want to be able to track what tools each Vendor has and what PartNum it can make.
Im using UD110 and UD110a: Key 1 is VendID and Key2 will be ToolNum. The child table will hold the Epicor Part Numbers.
What i want to do i make sure that only values from the Vendor table are allowed in Key1 and only Part Table values in the childkey1.

Should i do a data directive on the table or do a customization ?

anyone done something like this?

Method directive on update pre-processing is probably a solid choice for that validation.

I suppose in case you wanted to perform the add or update from somewhere outside of the UD110 adapter maybe do it as a data directive. Things to consider.

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Good point. Thanks

How could i make a button to search for vendors and pull in VendId to Key1?
i couldnt find it in the Customization user guide, or was i not looking in the right place?

This link should walk you through what is needed. Basically you add the button, use the simple search wizard to build the vendor search which will prompt you for what fields you are using and returning. You then call that method from the button click event.

Thanks Dan.