Topic: "Nice Topic" score so far 2022

I am not bragging (ok… maybe I am)… but in the Badge/Nice Topic category , I have received 5 of the 15 nice topic badges given here on EpiUsers.Help… Tied for Second is @josecgomez & @hmwillett … But even one of Jose’s was the post about Automation studio which I was the guest speaker, so maybe I should get partial credit for that one too?
I know… it’s not a competition… but… I am winning :wink:

(I also like the fact that this post has the topic called “Topic”, in the category of “off topic”… that is confusing. hahaha

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I would happily give up the title of most nice topic badges to @hmwillett if there suddenly were a bunch of “How to” posts that were liked that featured Automation Studio. :wink:


haha thanks for all your contributions @timshuwy :grinning: we appreciate ya!

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