Tracing Supplier component's

Hi All,
If I wanted to add suppliers serial numbers to parts we put into a job,
(1) How do we add the supplier serial number to the components in the job
(2) How would I look up a range of serial numbers or just an individual serial number if my supplier had a recall

To add a Supplier’s serial number to a component (using Epicor functionality), you’d need to:

  1. In Site Configuration, set the Serial Tracking Options to Full Serial Tracking; enable Record Serial Numbers on Inventory Moves; and set Lower Level Serial Tracking Options to Full Lower Level Serial Tracking;

(If you have any of these components in stock, you will need to adjust them out of stock to perform the following step.)

  1. In Part Maintenance, enable serial tracking on the component part number(s and set your parameters under S/N Format

(If you adjusted parts out previously, you can adjust them back in now.)

From this point on, any inventory movement of these parts will require serial numbers to be noted.

If you have never done serial tracked parts before, this is a pretty big step…