Tracker View for Project ID showing Project Description


I added a tracker view to my dashboard for Project ID, but the drop down box contains the Project description instead of the Project ID, any ideas why?

Some of the field are “smart” and will automatically change themselves to a drop down with the description. You might be able to modify the drop-down to show the ID instead, or you might have to just make your own text box and bind it yourself. To do that, you right click on the tracker and click on customize. The click on your control and in the properties tab you will see how it’s set up. First see if you can change the display of the drop-down that is provided from description to ID. If that doesn’t work, just get rid of that control in your tracker, (uncheck the box), then go back into customization, add your own text box, then set the properties to be a tracker.

For more instructions, go to the tools user guide in help, there is a BAq example where they add in a date range. This will walk you through that basic customization of adding your own controls in a tracker.

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@Banderson Thanks I will try that.

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After you read through the user guide and see the examples, let me know if you have any more questions.