Tracking Actual Labor Against a Job

What screen should be used to track labor against a job. I’m aware of time and expense entry, but that appears to be used for tracking against an employee.

We have standard labor cost for most parts, but for parts (assemblies) we install on customer vehicles, we’d like to enter actual times. Ideal would be to capture start and stop time on such jobs.

Hi Tim,
I am not sure that I am understanding your question correctly. Are your employees clocking into the Job via MES?
If so, tracking labor can be accomplished by looking at the Job Tracker. You can track any labor transactions here, including start and stop times.

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Can multiple entries be made for a single operation? For example, if our production activity includes installation of parts on a vehicle, but sometimes our personnel switch from vehicle to vehicle during the course of a typical day (not completing operations for a particular job), and then circle back multiple times for a specific job, can we capture multiple records related to one operation? i.e. Clock-in / Clock-out multiple times on the same operation.

Yes. When they log out of the job they would not enter a quantity or select the complete checkboxes.

Yes via MES. As I asked in my second comment, I wasn’t sure if you could clock in/out multiple times against an operation. Based on John’s response, it appears you can.

You certainly can. We have many operations that take days or weeks to complete. Many of our operators clock into multiple operations simultaneously as they work on different machines/jobs. As long as the employees are diligent about clocking in/out Epicor does a good job of tracking.

One thing to note, there are many “hidden” fields in the List Views of Job Tracker. I am not sure if I had to go into Personalizations to “un-hide” the columns for Clock-in or out.

Job Status [Dashboard] works well for this, too.

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Another way is through Job Closing - you can see the total amount of time per operation, pieces produced/scrapped, and material issued to the job. (Excuse the Kinetic version)

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